Patients' Testimonials

Knee Injury Healed

Knee Injury Healed

I learned of Dr. Im by accident.  I was diagnosed with a severe Nickel Food Allergy in 2017 with no treatment nor cure possible, just strict avoidance of all types of food.  In 2018 I injured my knee and the MRI showed four repairs were necessary. Right before surgery the surgery center flooded so the surgery was delayed.  I was disappointed and in constant pain with sleepless nights.  My girlfriend suggested I go to her doctor but he said he could not help me but he knew who could.  I contacted Dr. Im and after the first treatment I literally walked out of his office with no knee pain.  After more treatments he eliminated my “impossible to treat or cure” Nickel Food Allergy.  I feel that Dr. Im gave me my life back. - Kathleen, Jan 2019. 

Walking without falling!


I have had years of weakness in my left leg due to a autoimmune disease named Multiple Sclerosis.  It is similar to a "drop foot" condition that is aggravated by fatigue.  This would cause me to trip and fall down unexpectedly.

After Dr. Im examined me, he determined that my bones were misaligned and adjusted my spine.  There was an immediate improvement.  In addition to that he diagnosed that there were several toxins in my body that could be treated with clean supplement.  I am seeing a lot of improvement in my gait, energy levels and feel optimistic that I will be able to run one day!! - Nalini, Feb 2019

Pains miraculously gone


I worked as a translator for an orthopedics for more than 3.5 years, and I had problems with my throbbing shoulder and left knee pains. But, after Dr. Im’s one treatment, I felt no more pains. It was like a miracle. Since, then, I work for the Centro Hopkins as a part time marketer, and I witness many patients who had problems, could not treat them before were getting better and getting well. I truly believe in his non-invasive treatment methods.  - Theresa

Improved health after treatment


     I took more than 10 medications with all my health challenges and complications. By over taking medications, my kidney, eyes, and liver, etc., were getting weak and dysfunction and damaged; however, after I was treated by Dr. Im at the

Centro Hopkins, my health was improved drastically in all dimensions. For instance, my eyes with glaucoma could not see has been improved and regaining its vision. And, badly fallen all my body organs were increasingly in good health to

a following Dr. Im’s instructions and treatments to a normal condition. Also, my heavily swollen legs were becoming healthy and no more fluid.

-In Soo Chung, Former Retired  Medical School Professor   

Relief from Allergies



I had horrible allergies. I often had headaches with sinus problems uncontrollably for a long time. I heard from another Dr. who recommended me to try Naet. So I found Centro Hopkins with Google search. I couldn’t believe that just one treatment my head ache and my sinus were cleared. I had few   months’ treatments; now, no more allergies, and I am discharged. -- Dan

Lower Blood Pressure


I am pretty healthy most of the time but some reason

my blood pressure has been very high since I was young.

Now, with Dr. Im treating me, my pressure went down to

around 120. I don't understand what he is doing, but I think he is a miracle worker. - Sasa Jezdic

A School Teacher Who Had Colon Ulcer and Drug Allergy



She came to the Centro Hopkins since Dec. In April she did colonoscopy again, She was totally clear with ulcers and allergy

4 Years Old Boy with Many Food Allergies


  He had many allergies that you can't name them all; but, after few months of treatments:;  Now, he could eat cookies, pizzas, and donuts, many food that he could't even touch them.  He is strong and healthy, and gain weight. Looking good and happy ever!

A Car Accident Patient


       Car accident patient;

After a long period of treatments, no more pain. Could work out at the gym, and could walk for a long time...Kyung  Danner

Back to Gardening again


I love to work in my garden doing yard work.

But, for a while, my knees were giving me pain so much that I could not enjoy what I do.

On one day my next door neighbor  Kathleen told me that how she got well at the Dr. Im's Office. So, I went for the treatment. Within 10 sessions my knees got better and discharged. Now, I continue enjoying my gardening and feel much healthier. -Joan Board

Bulging disk problems resolved


I suffered with my back pain for a long times and had many spine injections. When I started getting sick again, someone told me to try Centro Hopkins Chiropractic,.  I hesitated because I had no experience with the treatment.  But my husband told me that I have been sick for too long. He told me to try both methods. Dr. Im told me that my pain was cause by my twist pelvis and my kidney. Now, I don’t have to take pain killers every 2 hours nor use my Walker anymore. I had many treatments with many different doctors, but I received the best result from Dr. Im.           - Hee Soon Kim

Shoulder pain cured



For a long time, starting from Chicago, I had severe shoulder and my upper back pains. Since I came to Atlanta, I was treated by Dr. Im and taking supplements; my pain went away completely. In addition phlegm in my chest and my sour stomach was cured too.  Now, I recommend many people I know to have treatments with Dr. Im.

I thank God for my treatments.         

Face Pain resolved

I was diagnosed in 2017 with Atypical face pain caused by dental trauma. After multiple test ( MRI, CT scans, blood work, X rays, etc) I've been seeing over 60 medical professionals ( specialists, MD's, chiropractors, acupuncturists, biofeedback,etc) but I didn't see any positive outcomes from any treatments or diets. Last October, one of my chiropractors recommended me to see Dr. Im to give it a try. When you are in pain constantly the most important think is not to give up. I start the treatment with Dr.Im on a Saturday afternoon, and by the following week I was able to start reducing my pain medication ( I was on anti-seizure and 2 other types of pain medications). After less than a month I was able to cut all my prescriptions and switch completely to supplements only as per Dr. Im's recommendations. At this time , my face pain level is manageable without any medication ; overall my immune system has been strengthen . His treatment approach is very different than any other medical professionals ,however it requires a lot of patience and a very strict self control. I would recommend Dr. Im to anyone that has pain caused by unknown origin.  - Claudia, May 2019

Rheumatoid Arthritis cured

In 2015 I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I had

terrible pain in both hands, right groin and left shoulder joints. I started treatment with Prednison and Methotraxate injections. The pain is gone, but I continued with this medication there more years.

Because of medication side effects, I looked for an alternative medicine treatment. After multiple trials I found Dr. Philip Im.

After visit evaluation he said that he can treat me using

Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET), plus other methods, along with Standard Process supplements. He told me to stop the current medication right away and start with his treatment.

After 7 months of new treatment, I am feeling well, but with no medication having side effects. Additional treatment I got from Dr. Im was for a front  upper leg numbness. Currently the numbness is about 75% less than 7 months ago. 

I noticed that Dr. Im is treating the root cause of the issue, not the effect of it. I highly recommend to people with any health issues to schedule an appointment with Dr. Im for an evaluation. He is honest and he will tell you if he can make you better or not. If you decide to be treated by Dr. Im you must follow his recommendations, otherwise you will not be able to see results.

The appointments are easy and there is very minimum waiting time. - Cristian, May 2019

Register Nurse's Testimonial about Dr. Im


I started seeing Dr. Im in February 2019. I admit I was skeptical. I am a Registered Nurse(RN) and understand how “Western” medicine works. I have osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. 

I have been experiencing bilateral knee pain for about 3 yrs now. I have been on various medications, received cortisol injections into the joint; have gone for physical therapy and aqua therapy, all with temporary relief. The pain has gotten worse and does limit my activities. 

I was told by my GI Dr in January, after an endoscopy, that I had an ulcer from the Meloxicam (NSAID) I was taking. I decided to look into a “holistic” approach (primarily acupuncture and chiro) and researched online. I found Dr Im (NAET certified – allergy, chiro, acupuncture). I felt he was the answer. 

It’s been three months and my knee pain has become bearable – I am more active now and have made huge progress. I’m certain Dr. Im has been blessed with a gift in being able to listen to the body and detect imbalances in energy flow. 

I would like to lose the weight I have gained now and am confident Dr. Im can help me with this as well. 

-Christen Kubilus